Scan-Visan Sintering
R & D and Serial Production

Friction materials
Brake pads for light airplanes and light vehicles

Our company was established in 1983 and is based in Denmark. We have R & D competence, aiming High Quality standards, and are running Production and Laboratories with skilled technicians. Each individual Sintering machine is connected to an internal computer network, allowing customers to get updated about any ongoing Sintering Process and at any moment.
The production Center is indeed operated in accordance with our customers own, current standards and certifications.
Our Sintering Technology and Know-How from this particular field is of enough interest for big international companies to integrate our Production Center into their own organization when it comes to special products or when it is necessary to add capacity to shorten delivery times.
The flexibility is a must in our way of working and is, moreover the quality of our products, the reason to our success.